‘the rabbit hole’


‘the rabbit hole’

Posted by Shane

The Beginning, Before WordPress

the rabbit hole‘ was born back in 2002 during my time at college. I was a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology and I needed a place to show off my computer skills to the world. The first incarnation of the site was when I transferred to Curry College in Boston. The site was relatively custom/simple and was coded entirely by me at the time. No WordPress back then!

This site’s primary focus was my involvement with Tribes 2 scripting in which it was the game that was the best! The next major change came during 2003, but the design was short lived. The site always played off a grey theme to go along to a Bunny primary color. In mid 2003, the site got a total redesign and went to more of a “blog” style site that was custom coded. WordPress was not installed in. By mid 2003 the site got another design with another design in late 2003 as well.

Early 2003 through June 2003, Design #2

Late 2003 through 2004, Design #3

In 2004, the site got a huge facelift. Now — none of the graphics where present — so I can only assume that many of them were done my CSS. This site was the first version to go away from the grey scheme and focus on your basic colors of black and white.

On to WordPress

By of February 2005, my site was now running WordPress blog system version 1.5. This site was a lot more colorful and employed some of the classic cartoon colors. This design was recently considered lost until I found it on a old hard drive of mine. The screen shot is the site using WordPress 2.9.1 code. Had to be modified to work, but it’s looks great. :-)

February 2005

This was the last design of the website until 2006. After that the site was offline for all of 2007 and the start of 2008. In the last week of July 2008, the site came back online with WordPress. This design is very solid and I have gotten a lot better at graphic design, CSS, and HTML itself and the site is here now to stay!


The site is still powered by WordPress, but I put it in CMS mode. This will allow me to keep more pages than just a blog. The design is always on-going as code always improves. The site aims to allow me to have a place for me to express my thoughts and share my opinions on any number of subjects. Plus it allows a centralized place for all my projects that I work on.