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Left 4 Dead: Preview

Posted by Shane

One of the games I am most anticipated to play is Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

A quick description of Left 4 Dead from Wikipedia:

Left 4 Dead is played in first person perspective, with full visualization of the player character’s body. Up to four players take control of the four main characters of the game, “The Survivors”, who play through the levels fighting off the Infected, which are humans who have been infected with a mutated form of rabies.

I have been following any news I can get on this game as I really want to beta test this game. *hint* *hint* The game comes out in Nov. 2008. I plan on getting in deep with this game as I already been working on a map idea that takes us through our Nation’s Capitol as the survivors have to rescue a number of VIPs in the remaining area that have yet to be evacuated by the Marines. It’s still in the early planing stages and I can only do so much on paper. Once the SDK is released, I plan on taking my ideas from paper to reality.

Check out the official website and the major primary fan site that has everything to do with the game.

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