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avast! virus protection

Posted by Shane

I am often called upon my friends one computer help (or family members in distress), when computer problems arise. The 911 of the computer world. The question I get asked the most during normal problem solving procedures is “What anti-virus program are you current using?” and that I answer pretty easily.

Currently that is avast! professional version 4.8 (detail featured list) software. After being a fan of Trend Mico systems for a long time, I found out that it was a huge memory hog once your machine had lots of files and wasn’t always able to detect the malicious code when surfing on the web.

Avast detected a virus on my old IBM laptop the minute after removing Trend Micosystem and running for the first time around. I was very impressed. I quickly did the same on my desktop and found a few more virus that I thought I was immune too because I was very cautious of what I downloaded online and where I went on the net.

After a few months on the trail version, I went to get the professional license because I really wanted the full power of the software. One of the features I like the best is the screening of different types of programs. Avast is able to modify it’s scanning procedures based on what you have installed and you can have it also ignore applications as well. Not really a benefit, if you want the full protection of the system. Another features is that the daily updates download and install without ever notifying me that is happening. This includes the program itself and the virus detection system.

The detection system is very unique and is only I see something I see on online download sites. Most download sites produce the MD5 hash of the file so you can run a check to see if it really is what it says it is. What avast does on the first run is it creates a “MD5” hash screenshot of all your files, and if it notices and irregular change it scans it and also compares the “MD5” hash that it has stored. With roughly 69,000+ files on my desktop, it didn’t take long for it to create after clearing call files virus free.

So if you are looking into getting a new virus protection software (even for you Mac users and Linux users) take a look a avast!. It’s a top pick from me, and that’s saying a lot to the guy who hardly ever gets any virus.

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I think the real question is what free, truly free, virus system do you use? I love AVG but wait I’m on a Mac so I’m safe. Apple FTW!

Naw. I usually get that question. I haven’t seen a free virus application one that I would install on my own machine. Very picky. Plus you can still get virus on a Mac machine if you are using Windows. The Windows based code will not work in that case, which is why there is a mac version.

Regarding the mac thing…

Windows viruses, unless they’re programmed for Unix or are run under an emulation software, cannot infect or cause problems a Mac machine. Sure, you can probably have a Windows-virus infected software on your Mac, but… won’t affect the mac. Of course, it MIGHT infect your Mac if you run an infected executable using VMWare or a Win32 emulator, although i doubt it’d be catastrophic, depending on how well you configured such apps to interact with your Mac.

As for what I use on my Windoze machines: BitDefender. Doesn’t have a large memory imprint like, oh, Norton and does the job. Plus I can use it on up to five machines, so everyone in my family has it loaded on their computers as well. Works great. 😀

P.S. You should probably get a real captcha, not that mathematical crap. 😀