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One of my favorite shows, that is currently in it’s last season and is in hiatus right now is Battlestar Galactica. One of the thing SciFi did before the start of this last season was to release this promotional picture. It features the primary cast members in the setting of ‘The Last Supper’. I have kept quiet till now. I think the image was just to throw us all off on who the last cylon is and once the season restarts in January 2009. For more on the image, check out the Battlestar Wiki.

The Last Supper Photo

The Last Supper Photo

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Yeah, that picture is overrated. It is probably one of the most over analyzed pieces of garbage that has ever been released.

It was really a nice picture too… However, I can’t really build up and fondness for it, now that it’s been analyzed to death by the rabid fandumb. :(

The low point for all the analysis of this piece of garbage was the people at Space Westerns who posited that you had to fold it like a Mad Magazine back-cover in order to solve it!

And then people wonder why Western civilization is slowly going down the toilet bowl. :X