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Holiday/Event Header Sets

Posted by Shane

One of the things I like doing for my websites is making them holidayed (this is a made up word!). So I had one created once before, so I brought those over to my this header. Right now I have these holiday’s created:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

To view them go to the next page.

Bugs's Site Halloween Header

Bugs's Site Valentines Header

Bugs's Site X-Mas Header

Bugs's Site 4th of July Header

Bugs's Site Earth Day Header

Bugs's Site St. Patrick Day Header

Special Event Headers:

Bugs's Site 9/11 Memorial

Regular Headers:

Bugs's Site Header

Bugs's Site Header (Night Time)

As I created more, I will show them to you! Comments? Suggestions? Give me a buzz!

Note: Any new headers will appear in this blog post.

Update: If you have flash enabled you will never see the static images above. They still do exist, but only to people who don’t either have flash enabled or don’t have flash installed.

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