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Team Fortress 2

Posted by Shane
The Logo for Team Fortress 2

The Logo for Team Fortress 2

One of the games I been playing a lot of is a game by Valve called Team Fortress 2 (Check out their blog here.) This game is one of the most well thought out games and updated game out there. Since Valve uses their Steam software to keep the game up-to-date it also allows them to update the game play itself to everyone who plays it keeping the game fresh.

One of the more recent things they have been doing is introduced class achievements and new game type called “Goldrush”. The first class they updated was the medic. The second class was the pyro and the next class they are releasing updates for is the heavy. Now I have no idea what to expect, but the game just keeps getting better and better.

If you are a regular use you will understand this next part. These are the classes I play and in this order.

  • Spy (Close to 45 hours of play time on this class alone. Check out my full stats here.)
  • Heavy
  • Engineer
  • Pyro
  • Medic
  • Demo-man
  • Scout
  • Solider

If you enjoy First-person shooters and havn’t played TF2, watch out for Vavle’s Free Weekend deals. Or you can just go ahead and get the game. The $19.99 is totally worth the money as the game is always kept fresh.

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~Cloak Knife~
all hits with this knife give 15%of you cloak back.
~Electric Zapper~
all enemy’s in a (#) feet of a enemy builder with this sapper take 5 damage per second.
cons-does 3 damage per second to you as well.
pro’s damage an engie and his friends so they cant just sit their and kill off all of you sapper’s
~nothing for gun yet~

btw if you look at my account you will see that i dont have any time played on any class’s maybe 17 hours my most. this give’s so many people the impression that i havent play’d long and im a noob. if you think this go to search the name
Viburn(this is the account a family member use’d to let me play tf2 on but took it back for some game he wanted to start playing) so the 2 added together get my spy hours up to about 85 hours+ and thats just spy.