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A car that gets 106mpg

Posted by Shane

I was reading the technology news this morning and there was an article on a car that could go over 100 miles on one gallon of gas. The trick? It would used compressed air along with gas to power some of the same engine components.

According to the article on CNN it can still hold 6 passengers, top 90mph, and meet all US highway safety standards. The catch. The car does not exist yet and is in prototype mode only. It will be at the Automotive X Prize later next year, so if it does well we might see it on the streets by 2010. That’s a year and half away folks.

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This sounds very wicked.

Now, the other thing that I’m interested in… this compressed air…. will that have to be recharged, or does the car somehow pressurize it on its own? And if it has to be recharged, how will that occur? Special tank or can you just plug in the air compressor that you use on your tires and charge it that way?

It said “Fill up air” so I am guessing it has to be done at a “station”, but the cost should be the same number of quarters you use to put air in your tire.