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TF2 Heavy Update, A+

Posted by Shane

As I talked about earlier in my postings, the latest class to be “updated’ was the heavy class. Over the past week or so they been updating the heavy update site each day (minus the weekend) for the 6 different major changes they made to the game.

This heavy update also makes it almost not fun to play spy since everyone will play heavy for the first few days, but in the mean time as spy I will be able to stab a whole bunch of heavies. Below is what they released and my review on everything.

Map called cp_steel

Map called "cp_steel"

The first item reveled was a new community map made by Jamie “Fishbus” Manson. This map, cp_steel, I have only played a few times while I was playing on other servers.

On the server I play on usually, I do not think we have played this yet since the update. We are pretty big on the other type of map they released in this update, which is a payload map.

The second offering of “goodies” was the first weapon that you can achieve by playing the heavy and earning the various achievements.

They are the called the “Killing Gloves of Boxing“. This is the top achievement to get with the heavy as if you hit users with these gloves you are usually able to get what we call a critical hit, which hurts players a lot. Usually it takes one of this critical hits to kill the other player. The gloves are to represent the Heavy’s Russian connection.

They even told us what the achievements were and this past monday the reveled the details into what you needed to do in order to get the achievements.

Map called pl_badwater

Map called "pl_badwater"

The next update was the best update of them yet. They developed a new payload map that was huge in length, but only one round. The map is really well done. It’s called Badwater Basin. Basically the attacking team has to moves the cart forward while the red team has to defend. The trick is that while the blue team moves the cart down the hill, the red team is above most of the time attacking from above. This is the first map that is a payload that the starting spawning spots changes for both the blue and red team, depending on where the cart has reached.

As you can see in this screen shot, this is just one of the 4 points that you have to capture in order to get more time. As a person who usually plays the spy (coming up behind the heavy), this map is very fun on defense and offense, but with the heavy update just out, it’s very hard to get by when attacking. I will just wait for the heavy usage to go down next week.

The next item released to us was the Heavy’s 2nd achievable weapon: “Natascha“. This gun has the power to slow enemies who are hit by the bullets 100% of the time. A draw back of the weapon is that is does 25% less damage than the normal one. Another thing not mentioned in the posting is that the weapon seems to fire a lot slower than normal. I was able tonight, on the next item discussed, to kill a heavy over and over again since they were firing the Natascha. Or it could just that I am that damn good at spy. 😀

Map called arena_lumberyard

Map called "arena_lumberyard"

Map called arena_ravine

Map called "arena_ravine"

The biggest update didn’t come until yesterday late evening. A new game mode called “Arena” where teams are randomly generated and teams have to battle it out to the last man standing or take over the control point. With this new game type, you aren’t able to re-spawn after or pick up any health kits in the map (if there are any placed). So you have to use team strategy and the correct units to stay alive. A medic and engineer with their dispenser, could provide health, but if they are being attacked they are easily destroyed. They released 5 maps as part of this new update instead of just one like they did with Payload, which we had to wait for community type maps to be released.

The new Lumberyard map is the first map of the Team Fortress 2 series that includes a lush environment to the game. It is very beautiful once you are inside and it’s visually stimulating. I can’t wait to play this map in rotation on the server. The other is called Ravine. This map might have had a previous visit and preview from the “Meet the …” video series that they been releasing. I think it was the “Meet the Sniper” video. Check around 0:37 seconds and 0:55 seconds. They also modified 3 other maps that are already been released. cp_badlands, cp_well, and cp_grannery of all which have been originally released. This makes playing the game type entertaining.

The last update, before they “turned” on the update on today at 5pm, showed the 1st unlockable item you get when earn your first set of achievements. It’s called the “Sandvich”. This “Sandvich” is not really a weapon, but a way to heal your self in game without the use of your medic or picking up a health pack. This is very useful for the Heavy when their medic dies and they need to heal up from attacks. The draw back is that for 4 seconds they are completely vulnerable to attack. (I look for heavy’s that are eating, FYI) And with this last one they released a “Meet the …” video introducing the Sandvich.

This update was the most anticipated update and I am liking it also. Though I won’t get many of the heavy updates since I don’t play it as often, I will work my way towards them without “farming” for them as I did the medic achievements. Overall this update is very well done. The development team not only did these major updates, but fixed a lot of outstanding bugs that were creeping up. Hand down to them!

For those who have a powerfull enough computer, be sure to check out Steam website this weekend. They will be allowing people to play the game free for the weekend to try it out. Of if you are convined that this might be fun, buy the darn game. It’s $19.99 and you get free updates!

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