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D.C. Visit – Day 1

Posted by Shane

My mom and her boyfriend came down to the area for the weekend (more like 6 days) and we have setup quite an itinerary for their stay. So today was a basic day. I do have pictures and I will post them once I can get the pictures off my device. (One disadvantage of having Windows Vista.)

We did some shopping in the “morning” (11am-ish to about 2pm). Had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. After a light lunch, we went go get my hair cut. My mom can not stand my hair long at all. Even though I think it is very short. After meeting up with mom’s boyfriend in the mall, we headed back to my place to drop off my car (which was stupid since we should have left it at the subway station) and headed to their hotel, the Mandarin Oriental.

This being my first time in this hotel I was very impressed with it’s beauty. We had a very small snack in the very exclusive Tai Pan Club. After they both changed into walking around cloths, we ventured outside, waking to our primary event of the day, the Washington Monument.

Now, my mom’s boyfriend, has not been to D.C. for a very long time so we plan on doing lots of memorial touring. It will be nice nice weather and combine that with not that many tourists it’s going to be a great way to view the sights.

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

We had tickets to go up the Monument for the 7:30, so we had about an hour to kill. We first headed to visit the WWII memorial on the mall, between the Monument and Abraham Lincoln memorial. This being my second time seeing the memorial it was less crowded the first time I went in last year. I got some shots of the memorial itself and mom and her boyfriend. We relaxed there for about 30 minutes. It was very cool there with the water flowing out of the main pool of the memorial. We then took a stroll to the Monument through the mall stopping along the way to watch some of the softball and kickball games along the way. We even stopped by a tree and took some pictures with the Monument behind us.

We got the Washington Monument just in time for our time to enter. The US Park Ranger who was on duty today was very funny as we waited to go through security. After that, a quick ride up 500 feet, we were up the top taking in the sights. For the sun was going to set around 8pm, we had some good shots of the 4 directions during this phase. I got great shots of the Sun, honest Abe, Jefferson, National Airport, US Capital, and the White House. I got some of the shots of my favorite buildings as well. I will be sure to point those out as well! One thing we noticed is that with the money being directed towards the war effort, the budget to keep the grounds beautiful was non-exist and the Washington Mall was in complete disgust. I realized that they were not watering the grass (except around the White House), but I didn’t know really how bad it was until I got to the top of the Monument and looked around. Decided for yourself when I post the pictures up. I posted up some pictures of the view from atop. After watching the sun completely set, we headed down and we got even some more great shots of the sunset skyline.

After that we hailed a cab that was nearby and headed for ESPN Zone in Washington D.C. to watch some of the Olympics and baseball games. Now I been to ESPN Zone with a few friends in New York City, and if the staff of this ESPN Zone was part of the NYC restaurant, the ESPN Zone would go out of business. The waitress we had was just bad. She never attended us when our drinks were low and the chicken in our food was crap. After that we headed down to play some arcade games. The games were fun, but they were so outdated compared to the ones in NYC that it was like boring. The best game was the Daytona 500 VR racer and maybe table hockey. If you are planing on visiting this ESPN Zone — avoid it like the plauge!

And that was it. Took a taxi from their hotel back to my apartment in Virgina. It was a good day. Tommorrow we go back out and I plan on having another day of fun!

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Susan Abramson says:

Thank you for sharing your experience at ESPN Zone. Next time you’re in New York City, ESPN Zone would like to invite you to play some games in our Sports Arena on us! Please email me your full address and phone number.