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D.C. Visit – Day 2

Posted by Shane

Today was the second day of fun in our nations Capitol. It was another beautiful day out and just like always, I got a ton of great pictures that I will post up. Overall I spent basically from 9:30am to 12:30am (Saturday) out of my apartment.

After taking the metro from West Falls Church Metro Station to Smithsonian Metro Station. Easy ride. Took along some nice clothes for dinner and my laptop to plug into the net when we spend out downtime in the hotel which we only did once, but it me to keep check of things going on.

Arriving at the hotel we then headed to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast/lunch. I had a protein shake and french toast with bacon. Very good, if I do say so myself. After an extended breakfast/lunch we then started our busy day.

First stop: The US Holocaust Museum. This was my 4th trip to the museum, my mom’s 2nd, and her boyfriend’s first visit. With the tourist season we were able to go through the exhibits without having to miss or rush through to get away from the crowds. We spent about 2 hours, 20 minutes going through the permanent exhibit and spent a quick 10-15 minutes going through a secondary exhibit called Daniel’s Story, which is the same thing as the permanent exhibit, but at a elementary school level.

We then headed to the Ronald Regan building to have a bite to eat in the largest food court I ever seen in Washington D.C.. I got a turkey, cheese, and lettuce on wheat bread sandwich. After that, it was time to start walking to memorials and buildings. Below are some flowers that were along our route to the building.

Our first stop was the White House, South Lawn. After a moment of taking pictures, we headed for the main point of this day’s trip, which was the Vietniam Memorial. Just a quick hop, skip, and jump away we headed to go see Honest Abe. We even got some good shots of the Washington Monument reflecting in the water. Our next stop was the FDR memorial. Mom’s legs ere getting tired so we took a quick cab ride there. At the memorial, we ran into an old friend — the Park Ranger that we meet from our trip up the Washington Monument. He was giving a school summer camp group from the Falls Church area a tour of the sites and we just happen to run into the tour at the same time. We basically stayed pace with the group for a few stops during the FDR memorial and then we took off for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. On our way we took a slight detour to the George Mason statue.

At the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, there was a fund raiser going on put on by the American Cancer Society. People were giving their stories on the microphone. You could donate $5 to get a bag with candle that you put your loved ones on. My mom being a survivor of breast cancer, we got a bag free of charge and got two bags and put all our friends from our home town on NY who have died or have cancer. Once we were done filling the two bags with names, we put the bags next to the river. Heading up to the Jefferson Memorial we we took some pictures and once again ran into the Park Ranger. During sunset we watched them light the bags on the river. I got this really neat shot of all the bags lined up and lite. After that we headed for the hotel to take showers, and then have dinner.

I figured we walked a good 4 miles including walking inside the holocaust museum and again the weather was perfect. Day 2 wrapped up! Today (Saturday) we are heading to the Air and Space Museum for an IMAX showing and the surrounding museums before we head up to a Baltimore vs. Yankees game in Baltimore. We got tickets right behind the Yankee dugout near the on-deck circle. I realized when I got back tonight that I can not park at the metro station since it will be close to 3am when we get back to D.C. So I’ll be taking a taxi in the morning to D.C. to meet up with my mom.

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