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D.C. Visit – Day 3

Posted by Shane

Another day down in the books on mom’s visit down to D.C.. After accidentally sleeping in yesterday morning to about noon, we missed our original start time, but I think it worked out better anyway.

Our primary museum stop yesterday was the Air and Space museum. We were there for about 3 hours looking at all the exhibits and going to the IMAX theater (which we rescheduled to 3:15pm showing) to see the “To Fly” film. It was really neat to see the history of flight. This museum is the only one that I know of that allows flash photography inside the museum so I took a number of shots of all different types of exhibits. We ended the tour by myself and mom’s boyfriend doing an interactive flight simulation where one person “pilots” the craft and the other shoots it down. This thing can do loops, so it was really fun. We shot down 7 simulated aircraft and I only made us do a full circle only twice.

After we left, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the big event for the evening. We had baseball tickets to the Baltimore vs. New York Yankees game in Baltimore. We got seats in Field Level, Section 46, Row QQ, and Seats 4 through 6. For the first part of the game it was warm, but my the time the game ended it was very chilly, but not cold. I had dinner at the stadium: Two Bratwurst Dogs with Onions and a Soda. I thought the Yankees were going to loose, but in the end the Yankees won, 5 to 3 over the Birds. I got a bunch of pictures of the players. If I would have known that the stadium allows telephoto zoom lens, I would have bought mine, but we were pretty close to the players it didn’t really matter.

And that was that entire day. Today (or this morning) we head to the last bit of activity doing only one stop: The International Spy Museum. There is no photography allowed, so I won’t be taking any more pictures for this day.

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