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Today was a very short day since mom and her boyfriend had to head back to NY and MA respectively, but we had a great day at the International Spy Museum and doing the “Operation Spy” that they provide.

Day started off like any other where I left via the Metro station to the Smithsonian Metro stop. Got off and walked a 5 minutes to the hotel. This time I took 12th street the entire way instead of having to turn off 14th to D (?) and then back on 12th. After another fabulous breakfast at the hotel (I had Egg Benedict’s, French Toast, and Protein Smoothie) it was off to the International Spy Museum.

Without giving to much away on the “Operation Spy”, I must say I was quite impressed with the operation. Anyone that is coming down to the D.C. area should make this a spot to go. It is really fun. The museum itself was fascinating. It started with modern spying and the trade craft in the years of WWII and even up to 1999. (That was the latest date of information/equipment that I saw or heard about.) Next sections were dedicated to the history of spying with the different projects that happened during WWII. They even had a section on the OSS Celebrity files that had just been declassified this past month. They had a section of Robert Hanson which I found pretty amazing.

The was basically the only thing we did today. We did drive by the FBI building on our way back to the hotel. Then I headed off for the metro station, back to my apartment.

So… lets recap the places we went and the overall grade.

  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel – This hotel gets two grades. A- for the location. It was very quiet area of D.C.. Not near the major tourist spots where lots of foot/car traffic went by. The only reason it’s not an A+ is that there are zero shops in the area for food. C+ for the quality of service. At one point while we were in the down time before leaving for the game we wanted to get room service so they didn’t end up eating at the park. (I love eating at parks) Anyway, it took 3 phones calls to the front desk and a walk down the the front desk to have the menu show up and the person who brought it up had the audacity to ask for a tip. *roll eyes*
  • “The Mall” – Was a great place, but they really do need to step up with the beautification and restoration. It’s in shambles. D- for the overall, A+ for going on top of the Washington Monument.
  • ESPN Zone DC – STAY AWAY! F-
  • US Holocaust Museum – Hands down, A+.
  • Air and Space Museum – Hands down, A+.
  • Yankee v. Baltimore – I was surprised we won since we are not doing good this season. B+ for the game, A+ for the host. Camdum Yards was beautifully maintained.
  • Spy Museum – Hands down, A+++.

So overall in the 4 days, B-. D.C. is a great place to visit, but be prepared to spend $$$ as you can not really stay in D.C. for cheaply and there are really no stores. So it’s lots of walking, which is very good.

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