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CSS Problems, LOL!

Posted by Shane

One of the things of web designing is getting the CSS to work correctly or to find out why it won’t the frak move over. If you look at the previous post, I am having trouble getting the links to move a little bit more to the left. Lets just say I am not having any good luck right now. A friend, blissend, send me a link to this image below. It’s very funny.

How do we spend our time?

How do we spend our time?

Update: Go figure. Once I really got into it using a FireFox extension called “Firebug” I was able to find the CSS that made it look better.

Update 2: Picture provided by: RealityMe –

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I don’t normally care about hotlinking but I’d forgotten about that wonder pie chart and it gave me a reason to link to it :) Typically I’d only complain if its traffic was causing server issues.