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Firefox > IE

Posted by Shane

I know this issue is pretty much settled, but I just like to say the IE is the worst browser ever. It can’t even run a simple flash program correctly!

Otherwise you might get punched in the face.

If you dont want to get punched, dont try to scare someone.

If you don't want to get punched, don't try to scare someone.

Otherwise this is pretty funny! Tops to Elie for pointing this out!

Update: The image seem to be corrupted now. Oh well…

Anthrax mailer dead

Posted by Shane

Years after the 2001 Anthrax attacks, directly after 9/11, the suspect apparently committed suicide today on Frederick, Maryland. If the full FBI facts come out in a few days, this case will quietly go away.

Wikipedia and CNN have tons of information on this subject. Check out both places for sources as the information is just coming out now.

Holiday/Event Header Sets

Posted by Shane

One of the things I like doing for my websites is making them holidayed (this is a made up word!). So I had one created once before, so I brought those over to my this header. Right now I have these holiday’s created:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

To view them go to the next page.

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