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Eggs Benedict

Posted by Shane

Tonight, after bring back the groceries, the batch of eggs that I got to make Eggs Benedict at a later date was accelerated because most of the eggs broke on the way back to the apartment. So tonight I sped up my cooking Eggs Benedict — for dinner. So lets get started on what happened. (No pictures this time, but next time after I am doing this I will take some snapshots of the final product.)

First I worked on the sauce.

  1. Butter
  2. Water/Milk
  3. Hollandaise Powder
  4. 2 to 4 Eggs — Preferred white

Melting the butter with the water and milk was easy. Adding the powder created an interesting mix since you can not put to much powder in at the same time. While pouring the powder in you have to use a whisk and mix it up. Without allowing it to go to a full boil, you have to make it get thick so the sauce is really a sauce and not a soup. Not an easy task. Once thick, remove from the stove and let it cool on non-active heating surface. If the sauce to cool before you place it on your eggs and muffins, nuke it up in the microwave for 10 seconds — no more and it would be ruined. After you have this step done, you can move onto the bacon and muffins.

Eggs Benedict with Bacon

Eggs Benedict with Bacon

Cook your type of bacon and toast your muffins. Not a requirement, but it does taste better with bacon and toasted muffins. I prefer muffins not cooked. Just as the muffins are about to be done cooking start working on the eggs themselves.

Get a poached egg cooking dish. This is a very useful tool. I had gotten one during afternoon shopping that could cook four, but I only had two this evening. After placing the whole egg in the little cups you go ahead and let the water below it boil. A tip: Use PAM on your cooking item where the eggs are placed. Makes cleaning easier. Watch the eggs and as soon as you see the white part of the egg, they are then done.

Take them off and place it on top of your bacon (which should be on your muffins) and then pour the hollandiasie sauce on top. Presto! You now are having Eggs Benedict. I’ll post some finished shots on this post once I do it again, which will be fairly soon since it was very good even though I messed up on cooking the eggs just a tad long that the yellow part of the egg was like a boiled egg. Which tasted fine, but it’s better when it’s runny.

Eggs Benedict covered with Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict covered with Hollandaise Sauce

Update: Pictures are from my second attempt — a bit better — but just as good. :)

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