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2008 Baseball World Series Logo

2008 Baseball World Series Logo

I am an avid baseball fan, but this is the first time in 17 years that no New York team has made it to the post-season. The Yankees were eliminated long before their season ending win over the Boston Red Sox’s, but the Mets succumbed to the wrath of Red October Baseball with another September collapse, losing a must win over the Florida Marlins to ensure a tie over the Milwaukee Brewers, who have now claimed the NL Wild Card crown. A tie would have forced a one game showdown at Shea Stadium for the NL Wild Card Crown. Only one spot in the Post Season has yet to be filled and that is between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox.

I’m going to break down my predictions right now and wrap up of the Yankee season.

Update: The White Sox’s won the game vs. Tigers which forces the Sox and Twins in a one game playoff!

Update 2: The White Sox’s did win the game vs. Twins! So far I am correct! 😀

For the NL:


  • Cubs (Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs) vs. Dodgers: Though it would be nice to see the Cubs and Mr. Lou in the World Series, I don’t think they will overcome the Los Angeles Dodgers who are being lead by former Yankee manager Joe Torre. Dodgers in four games.
  • Phillies (Home Field) vs. Brewers: Though it is a miracle that the Brewers were doing so well this year, I still think the Phillies are the better team. Phillies in three.


  • Dodgers (Home Field) vs. Phillies: While the Phillies again pulled off another amazing uprising during the September month, while the Mets collapsed, I don’t think the can win against a very powerful Dodgers team lead by Torre. The Dodgers have more depth than the Phillies in the bullpen which is needed in the seven game NLCS, if it goes that long. Dodgers in six, because the Phillies are a fighting’ team.

For the AL:


  • Red Sox (Home Field) vs. Angels: There is no question that both teams are red hot, yet I don’t think the Red Sox have the humph or momentum that the Los Angeles Angels has have in the final 3 months of the season where they basically dominate the other team. Angels Sweep.
  • Unknown vs. Rays (Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs): Because at this point in time there is no team playing the Rays I will bounce off both scenarios including my prediction in the ALCS match up.
    • White Sox: The White Sox’s just like the Angles have dominated their division with crazy yet powerful baseball playing. There is no question if they play the Rays that they will win the series in four games. White Sox’s can only get to the post-season by winning against the Tigers in the makeup game since winning against the Tigers would form a one game playoff between the Sox’s and the Twins for the spot. The Sox’s are heavily favored to win in the tie-breaker, if it happens.
    • Twins: While unlike the team that had C.C. on the team, the team is still mighty and great. I think the Rays have been playing better ball that the Twins. Rays in five.


  • Rays/White Sox vs. Angels: No stopping the Angles on who ever they play. They will win in five games, though allowing who ever makes it able to play in the ALCS.

World Series

LAA vs. LAD: California Face Off. I think this year we might see Pacific Coast Series versus the two California teams that are also in the same town! I think the mayor of LA will have to choose they team wisely, but no matter what, LA will be home to the new World Champions. My prediction for this game will be held off until it happens. If it’s not LAD vs. LAA, I guess I haven’t been watching enough baseball this season, but these teams seem pretty confident that they are a shoe in for the top game.

Yankees Wrap Up

After the Yankess fired Torre and hired Girardi, I questioned the management behind the decision. Being an EX-Yankee Catcher does not qualify you as a good manager and being a TV analysts for the YES network does not make you know how to create good judgment calls when the game is going on. While in the booth you have access to electronic stats and other things that normally you would not have. I would have rather had Don Mattingly be the manager has he was a manager for the Yankees for at least two seasons. Instead he is with Torre being his bench coach for the Dodgers. With the possibility of Torre will bring the LAD to the World Series, not an easy feat, this will be the first time the Dodgers were at the series since they won it in 1988! Over 20 years ago!

Suggestion to Yankees Management: Fire Girardi.

Anyway, Baseball season is clearly in the back of my mind. I just hope the Jets this year do something and make it to the Super Bowl in February.

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Yankees suck! One of the largest payrolls in the history of the sport to hire all the best players as individual or team superstars, afford the best trainers, the best equipment, the best locations, and the best modes of transportation. Despite that they lose? What the hey?