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Posted by Shane

In my new ‘Cooking with Shane’ seris we examine the classic quesadilla dish. Simply put.

  • Two Tortias (Corn or Wheat is better for you)
  • Cheese (Any type… thoroughly cut)
  • Optional
    • Salsa (Your flavor… mine is always HOT)
    • Jalapones
    • Chicken

Put a decent amount of chesse in between the two tortias where it’s no thicker than the thickness of your hand when laying flat. Put in microswave for 1:30 to 2:30 mintues on power level five. If you cook on power level ten, you better have a extenisher ready in hand. After it’s done, remove and add salsa on top spreading it around and cut into eight slices and enjoy! For more extrangent things you can do is placed already cooked chicken or hot jalapones in with the chesse to give it more flavor. You can add almost anything you dare to eat. When adding meat, make sure it’s already cooked before adding it in.

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