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NLCS, Correct; ALCS Wrong.

Posted by Shane

It’s only been a week since I posted my October baseball predictions, so lets recap what I got wrong and what I got right.

First off, my predictions about the NLDS games, Dodgers vs. Cubs and Phillies vs. Brewers. Besides the fact I thought the Dodgers were going to lose at least one game, the Phillies and the Dodgers both swept their opponents. A very hard thing to do in playoff situations and in the Division Series 5-game format. But so far I am right on the winners. For the NLCS, Dodgers in six.

For the ALDS games I was way off. Both of the teams I predicated to move on in easy fashion blew a 2-0 lead in the series before they each won a game before losing the whole thing yesterday. While the White Sox’s were able to beat the Twins before hand to secure a playoff spot, they were just dominated by the younger Rays. I was just shocked that it happened. Shocked! With the Angles vs. Red Sox games, I was a bit surprised to see the best team in baseball go down in flames.

NLCS Matchup

  • No change. Dodgers in six.

ALCS Matchup

  • Boston vs. Rays: I think Boston will prevail, maybe a sweep of the Rays, but the Rays to get this far must be playing really good baseball. I am going to also say Red Sox’s in six.

So with that behind us, my revised World Series predictions is Red Six vs. Dodgers. East Coast vs. West Coast. Or about about this one: Torre vs. Franconia or Manny vs. Ortiz. Crazy! Does anyone remember this story?

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