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VAB Tribes 2

Posted by Shane

As of November 1, 2008, Sierra, the game publisher for Tribes 2, will be officially shutting down the master servers for this great game. Though I used to play this all the time (Now it’s mostly Team Fortress 2) this is a sad day to see such a great game being thrown into vaporware.

There is an upside. A number of developers from within the Tribes community gave created an interesting mod using the Enemy Territory – Quake Wars engine. So far the results of there madness is pretty good. It looks like a combination of Tribes 2 and Tribes 1 mixed together. What was the original intention of Tribes Vengeance, but that’s a WHOLE other issue. Another issue that might come up is the source code to Tribes 2. There might be a slight possibility that the source code will be released when the game is officially dumped off the records making us developers to work on an alternative master server and maybe even fix Tribes 2 itself.

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