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World of Goo

Posted by Shane

A neat 2D game called World of Goo was released on Steam recently. While my gaming time has gone down, I was surfing the Steam news to see what was going on. I saw something called World of Goo. So I watched the trailier and everything. I checked out to see if there was a demo on their website, and there was so I download it. Now after playing the demo I am hooked!

The game takes the concept that you are goo balls (in our reality oil) that needs to get somewhere. The goo can only travel via other goo balls, so you have to build your ‘road’ short enough using other goo balls. You have to build short enough ‘connections’ to make sure when you arrive at the ‘goal’ (which in this case is a drain pipe) you still can achieve the minimum number of goo balls to complete the round. There are obstacles as in endless pits, a goo ball going off the map, and saws that chop up the goo ball into obliteration. I am pretty sure there is more, but I haven’t seen them all yet. There also ways to get more goo bals. If the level provides ‘flies’ you can click on them and it will reset your playing back one turn. More seem to appear as you make more connections. Another source of goo balls might be on the level somewhere where you have build to it in order to get re-enforced. The level I am showing you in this post had more reinforcements on the upper part of the level near the pipe. I had to watch out for the saw. The water below was fine since it was “oil” and I was able to send a connection down that way to pick up any loose goo balls that feel and keep my structure steady as I built it outwards.

Sounds familiar? When I was playing this morning, I believe I played a game just like this before. It’s called Lemmings! They took the wonderful concept of this game (minus the different types of lemmings) and packed it into a fun adventure. This game is not even 3D and it looks beautiful. The only 2D engine I know about is from Torque. You can also read the story that they embedded into the playing levels and get hints along the way by clicking on the signs in the rounds.

There is only two bad things I can find about the game. I am really disappointed that there is not a head to head mode online or even against the CPU. I think this would have been interesting. Hopefully it can support custom levels. The last bad thing: Demo was not on Steam. Releasing the demo on Steam would have saved me the trouble of having to download and install it. Steam does everything for you. Why not take advantage of the tools around. (Are there Steam Achievements? :))

Summary for Round 4

Summary for Round 4

Why should you not get this? There shouldn’t be a reason. For this funfull and adventurous game you can get it for $19.99 via Steam. I strongly suggest getting this game.

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