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I got this chain letter from a friend, which I usually delete right away because Chain letters are usually filled with crap and different surveys. This one had a picture indicating the level of sophistication by the type of cell phone the candidates might use.

Candidates Cell Phone Choices

Candidates Cell Phone Choices

The choices are to represnet how each candidate levels with the technology and the advancment of culture vs. living in the past. Judge for yourself, but it was still pretty funny.

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I love how Obama is a device that tries to do a lot of things at once but doesn’t do any of them well. > Is that foreshadowing? I love how Biden is a device that costs a lot of money to do some things really well and is mainly used by business people. I also think it is great that McCain is a device that doesn’t have a lot of features but does what it does very well. AND, I love how Palin is a colorful toy made in another country. She can see Russia from her front porch dontcha know.

Simplicity is not always the correct solution. Sometimes it requires some serious upgrade before the problem can be addressed correctly.