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I voted today

Posted by Shane

I woke up 44 minutes ago to vote. My polling place is no more than 1.6 miles from my place so I decided to walk to the place in this historic election. I plan to watch the election with my family at my mom’s house. Like the three of us are, we are political junkies.

I voted in the:

  • 2000 Election – Voted for Gore – Lost
  • 2004 Election – Voted for Kerry – Lost
  • 2008 Election – Voted for Obama – Today will be WIN!

Though I would have rather picked Hillary Clinton, our party voted to pick Obama as the nominee. I support him fully. Go out and vote and make your voice count.

P.S. As a side note, check out Joel’s comic on HiJinks Ensue.

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Voting is very important. Of course, my vote matters less than most. See, I’m a minority. I’m a white 20 something conservative male librarian living in Massachusetts. Not only am I white in a country with a majority of hispanics and blacks. I’m a conservative living in the most liberal state in the union. I’m also a male in a “woman’s job.” So, I know what it is like to be trod on.

My vote as a conservative matters less because Massachusetts’ electoral votes are basically in the bank for B. Hussein Obama. It doesn’t matter that he is untried, inexperienced, and will “spread the wealth” until people lose homes from paying for the higher taxes (higher than they will be under McCain). Massachusetts votes the party not the person, which is a shame.

The election results will conclude with me doing one of two things. Either I will cheer at 4 more years of conservative rule. Rule in which we don’t murder unborn, in which we finish jobs we’ve started, and in which an experienced hand will hold the tiller through our stormy waters.

Or, I will spend 4 years perfecting the art of being a whiny, complaining bitch. The liberals excel at that and there’s no better time to learn those skills than under a newbie liberal president with ties to terrorism. In fact, such a person is the perfect role model and teacher to instruct others on being whiny, complaining, newbie liars.

Those are skills I will need to excel in politics. Then again, a nation that elects B. Hussein Obama may not be a nation I respect.