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Yes. This is the first post on my blog in over 4 months. What have I been doing? I been working like a whore that I am. 😀 There is even so many changes to the official release of 2.7.1 that I had to get rid of the production copy that I had on this server with my multiple gallery support. I did remove that feature from my site so posts that had it, will function a little weird right now. They are very old posts so I don’t seem them becoming a problem right now. More on this later. So… you are wondering why I am posted again after 4 months? Well… I will tell you a story.

1) Fun/Work. There is this show, ending this Friday at 10pm on the SciFi (Now SyFy) channel called Battlestar Galactica. Well this show was running I was maintaining two sites in related to it. The Battlestar Wiki and the Battlestar Forum. Two majorly huge sites that can now run by themselves without much interaction on my part, though I still visit often to do maintenance work, etc. With the show ending, the load won’t be as busy, but that doesn’t mean those sites are going away. The prequel to the show, Caprica, is released on DVD/BluRay in April, but the series itself won’t release until 2010. Enough time for me to work on other projects.

2) Work. Where I work, I am very busy. I did leave VA as most of you know and moved back to NY. I am sitting here on my day off from work during a sunny day. I know.. weird. Anyways.. I do still work with Computers working at the local Best Buy Geek Squad precient. I been with the company for 7 months full time. That would put me back in the September 2008 range for those bad at math. Working has kept my sanity and allowed me to receive a paycheck in this bad economy.

3) Technology. I updated my computer system slightly. I did get the Blu-Ray player I wanted to get for my computer. So the copy of Dark Knight post is now a reality. I got it about a month ago with no problems. Right now I am in a dispute with CyberLink software company since they sold me Version 8 yet my receipt says 7 and I can not get the Version 9 free. On top of this.. my video card (8800 GTX) is going to crap. I haven’t really posted what my computers are yet on the blog. I will try to get around to that. Soon. It is now posted under the “About -> My Computer’s” section. Formatting is still an issue. :)

4) Programing. My WordPress projects and my Woopra projects have taken a plunge while I been working and “work/play” with BSG stuff. Now that BSG is over I plan to get back into the grove. WordPress version 2.8 is being worked on and I plan on trying to complete some of the code again. Woopra has been another thing. I gotta update the vB plugin and the WordPress version of the plugin. Elie is been hard at work with the Woopra Application. He just released version 1.3 RC1 desktop application. Other means of support? :devil: Just wait for you to find out! :)

5) Websites. I have to update also a few other websites as well. Battlestar Wiki Blog, FrakMedia! Blog, and a new design of the Battlestar Forum since it will also support as well. Nice huh?

So there is the story. Comments? Queries? You know how! Post!

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