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Since way back in the day when I created my multiple gallery support as a test bed to see if it can be done, I started getting feedback that the whole media system of WordPress (Insert Version Number Here) is very primitive with today’s technology in:

  • Functionally
  • Process
  • Use

Three things WordPress prides itself on when it comes to use and expandability. Why can’t we have a media system with the same easy use? Well… I thought long and hard for the past 6 months when the WordPress team decided to roll out the 2.7.x WordPress Wireframe document. 8 days later I came out with my multiple gallery support code that was to say very messy and interrupted most of WordPress “grace”. And course this was all way before I added SSH support into the system.  So I ditched that code and wanted to start fresh with a freah idea for the whole system.

Once the 2.8.x development started I went AWOL for pretty much 4 months of clear cut no programing. So fast forward to today. The release of my proposed Media Management System for the 2.9.x line. I spent many months without talking or what the status was and talked to a few developer privaily on the direction I was taking it. But after a while I got a pretty good picture on how I envisioned a very updated a slick Media Management System for WordPress. I already gotten some positive feedback from some of the top developers in the #wordpress-dev channel and from others who use WordPress as well. And without having to explain myself twice I give you the PDF document that tells all. Enjoy!

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