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We read so much about the violence in Iraq that it almost seems moot to read or watch the news. However, there are those times when something that you care deeply about are making a difference for people in this world who don’t have much communication with the outside world.

WordPress, Twitter, and all of new media software for the internet will change all that.

In the article on we learn that when the country if finally rebuilt form the years of war it will be close to 60% connected to broadband internet. That will be more than some parts of the United States where companies still bicker at costs of providing service because of the cost of making it assessable outweighs the cost of making no profit on the deal.

Raanan Bar-Cohen of Automattic, the makers and company behind and the WordPress blogging software is over there on a United States, State Department funded trip to show Iraqis how to rebuild using new media software. Imaging being blogging about the rebirth of a new city that rises from the ashes. Or getting the first ‘tweet’ from a neighbor that just wants to say what’s on there mind.

The potential for free speech and democracy is now a possibility with the help of people like Cohen and the other representatives that are there using 21st century new media tools.

I am glad to be part of the WordPress team! You can read Cohen’s twitter chat here from Iraq. Is this the time I get a Twitter account?!?

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