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So.. if you remember back on the 19th of this month, I reported that my graphics card had died. In this case, my own diagnostics of my computer was wrong. After several “test cases” using different computers hooked up to my monitor and also changing out the video card (with a temporary one) my monitor continued to flicker. So with that, it has been concluded that my video card is not dead and that it’s a problem with my monitor.

Which monitor do I have? It’s the Samsung SyncMaster 241mp. We think the VGA circuitry soldering is loose or it’s just very worn out. When color is mixed in with a pure black or pure white spectrum, that is when it flickers. I becomes very apparent during large portions of silver. So that’s the deal and with that comes decision making time.

A few friends have suggest that I ditch the idea of getting the Samsung 275T 27-inch Wide-Screen (viewed in great detail here) or to get an actual TV. The problem with the TV part of it that even though it is cheaper, I don’t get the ability to carry it around to LAN parties. It also makes it a real drag to move it from place to place. The feature I love the most of this 241mp is that it has PIP (Picture in Picture) mode so you can use your computer and have the PIP from one of the other inputs. I can not get that with a TV, but I can get it with the Samsung 275T.

I have a problem which will be solved by the end of the week. I am going to order a new one either tomorrow or Friday. I am even considering getting the 241mp fixed so I could use it as a secondary monitor for duel monitor support/setup. That has yet to be determined if it can happen.

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