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So yesterday, May 7th, I went the Yankees game. Though the Yankees lost, I had a wonderful time.

After parking the car and walking into the stadium, we passed John Sterling awaiting the players to come to the stadium. He was just standing outside the entrance near gate 8. Who knows. :)

In any case we entered the great hall with the huge life size pictures of all the Yankees greats. Our first stop was just to check out the field. Walking tot he field we walked into the huge concourse int he same plane vendors much closer to the seats allowing you to watch and hear the sounds of the game while in line food. Very nice.

On our way to memorial park, which is now via indoor tunnels vs.standing outside in the sun or rain, we made it about 15 minutes late. The park now closes 1 hour and 30 minutes before the official game time. Do’h!

Now to the museum. That was two ramps up from the start of the tunnel from memorial park. We waited in a short, but quick line we entered the museum. We looked at old tickets, jersey’s, and the 6 world series trophy’s including the 2000 Subway (World) Series Trophy. Way cool! I seen even the ugly 2004 Boston Redsox World Series Trophy at my college when it was on tour. After that… it was on to find our seats.

Our seats where located on the Grandstand Level, Section 429, Row 13, Seats 11 and 12. Way in left field in foul territory. Yeah. No foul balls, but we were covered in case of any rain.  It was a brisk night, but it was still warm enough that I didn’t need my gloves.

Then the game started…… we lost: 8 to 6. :( Go figure.

We did leave after most people have already left the stadium so getting to the car and then back to the highway to head back took a shorter amount of time than getting in. Go figure. And watching the game tonight, it seems the Yankees only do well with A-Rod. Anyway.. lets go Yankees! Maybe yet we will make the playoffs.

Side note: Anyone think Manny was on Steroids when he played for Boston? Good question to ponder……

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