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With the release of WordPress 2.8 “Baker” starts the day of the new development of WordPress 2.9. A major component that is being upgraded for the development of WordPress 2.9 will be the media management system (i.e. Attachments). Others will be posted over time. This is just a small sampling of most of them.

  • Setting Page Revamp (ticket)
  • Media System Revamp
  • Dependency Checking (plugins, themes, etc.) (ticket)
  • Merging of WordPress and MU Systems

As for me… I will be heavily involved with development for 2.9 as I laid down “some” ground work for the new media system. Expect a revised Wireframes document on the subject in a few weeks as I team up with the core developers to outline the plans with them so the Wireframes will be perfect.

Suggesting for the new media system? Leave comments here! :)

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