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I got the news last night as I was heading to bed that the 2.0.x (and below) branch is no longer supported. “No Longer Supported” means that the development team will not work on it if there is a security hole found. The minimum that you must have is version 2.1 (Code Name: Ella) in order to get support. It is still highly recommended that any user upgrade to the latest version of 2.8.2. This allows you to stay on a more maintained branch.

Another day.. another innovation over here at the rabbit hole and for other WordPress blogs a-like.

One of the things I started dreading when I first started this blog again back in July 2008 is that eventually that archives ‘By Month’ list and categories list was going to get so long that it was going to be lopsided and lots of items really make the site look “longer” than it really was when it comes to the vertical scroll bars.

What I needed to do now since both the Archives and the Categories list was getting to long, I wanted to shorten them up, but still allowing the user (that’s you..) to be able to still be able to browse all the available archives months and categories without having to view the full archives view.

read more ‘Scrollable Categories and Archives using jQuery Tools


I wish I could go to Comic-Con every year, but it is on the WRONG side of the country. ‘Iron Man 2’ sneak peak was shown and it would have been great to see it live with the actors in the room.

It comes out May 2010. The usual time for movies that I want to see comes in May close to or after my birthday.

Movies coming out that I want to see very badly (even if I have to go to the midnight showing):

(No order…)

  1. Iron Man 2
  2. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  3. A Christmas Carol
  4. Sherlock Holmes

Source: Fans get first peek at ‘Iron Man 2’ at Comic-Con – San Jose Mercury News.

As a contributing developer to the WordPress code base, I find it very hard to operate now a days to get WordPress to do more functionally with keeping in mind that it was to work on at least PHP 4.3.0. Right now only 10 to 15% of the code is true object based code. Most of it having to do with quires to the database.

What is the problem with PHP 4.3.0?  PHP 4.3.0 through versions of PHP 5.2.9 is not supported anymore. This creates a number of issues in dealing with security issues. 3/4 of the worlds blogs are now WordPress. A lot of potential holes.

It’s not official yet that WordPress 3.0 be only PHP 5.3.0+. I am going to try to bring this to the developer meeting this next Thursday, July 30th, 2009.