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Woopra Flash Charts v1.4.1

Posted by Shane

So… in this is part of the new Woopra plugin for WordPress I am going to show you some new flash charts look. As I explained in my earlier post that the entire plugin has been converted into a PHP class format. This time after getting access to the wonderful new API (documentation is coming soon… I promise!) from Jad, I was able to re-do the flash charts and even fix up the code to use this new API so when it does go live, you can use the Woopra Analytics section.

The new API puts more data into one query. This allows for stream line data gathering when processing it for viewing. In our case, the flash charts that are integrated with the Woopra Analytics when viewing it on your WordPress admin section.

For example… the GLOBALS query not only brings up every date, but also the “per hour data”: page views, visits, visitors, new visitors, and time spent (in milliseconds). So why be bored with just looking at the data in raw format. Lets go to look at some flash! (Colors to be changed…) Going over each bar will tell you the data.

The Flash Chart in Action!

Woopra 'Globals' Data by Hour

Using the new Open Flash Chart Version 2 API as well and updated build code this was accomplished.

By why stop there? GLOBALS query is the only section that has “by hour” data gathered. Everything else was done by pure number of hits and then show the data with the line chart. The information now packed into the API-XML is huge. The COUNTRIES query gets the rank of the top visited countries visiting your site. For each countries that is listed (U.S. and “Unknown” for Woopra) we get each days values of: visits, page views, and total visitors. Lets Flash!

Two Lines of Data

Two Lines of Data

And voila! (Total Visitors not in this version and colors are not finalized.) When you do go over a point in the line a tool tip does tell you the date and the value.

The flash chart automatically figures out the min. and max. for the Y-Axis. Something very important to keep the balanced of the information correct. That way we save space and none of the data looks cramped.

That’s about it again. There is still more design to be put into the final result and more internal testing to be put through it’s paces, but I can tell you that we are getting closer to a beta release very soon. Watch you plugins notifier! You might be very surprised!

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