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Updated ‘Movie List’

Posted by Shane

Straight from this post:

  1. Batman 3
  2. Green Lantern (Live Action!)
  3. Jonah Hex

So far from the original list I seen ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra‘. Yeah. Lame. (Click “Lame” to see my lame review.) So that’s three D.C. comics. Where is the Marvel movies?

Well… only Iron Man, Spiderman, and X-Men exist in my world. I will see the other Spiderman movies now that I have confirmed that Toby will be back to be the web crusader once more.

What’s with all the movie news? Well.. this is the time of year the the studios gear up for filming because the summer is winding down. For next time…. later!

More Batman “3” Rumors

Posted by Shane

I’m no official site for the Nolon Batman film series, but I read over the past two days that either Megan Fox or Rachel Weisz would play Catwomen. This is a Batman rumor week!

Now this role matched up to Michelle Pfiffer is not going to be that large to fill. Pfiffer role in Batman Returns was pure filler in my option. One of the reasons why I dislike watching that film. (Batman and Batman Forever were the only good Tim Burton versions)

Lets compare the two!

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Batman in 100% IMAX

Posted by Shane

Following one of my favorite movie site for insights on future and current movies, I got word that the new Batman movie is being considered for 100% IMAX filming.

If anyone remembers the Dark Knight bank robbery scene at that start of the movie and how “full” of action it was that’s the kinda of movie.

If this were true, I place my order for my 12:01 showing at our local theater right now. Filming it in IMAX would take a extra year according to the site because the IMAX camera is huge and very bulky for any cameraman.

We will see.

Source: Third ‘Batman’ Movie Could be Shot 100% IMAX- We Are Movie Geeks.


I recently got and saw this movie. It’s an animated movie featuring around of course the Green Lantern, Hal Jordon. Just like it’s two counterparts, Batman: Gotham Knights and Wonder Women two other animated features by DC comics, this one was just as good as the other two.

All three movies have the ‘real’ cartoon look with many of the cartoon enhancements that Justice League Unlimited had in the ending of the series. The character animation was superb. Without realizing that I never posted a review on the Wonder Women animated film, going to do them both right now.

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