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I recently got and saw this movie. It’s an animated movie featuring around of course the Green Lantern, Hal Jordon. Just like it’s two counterparts, Batman: Gotham Knights and Wonder Women two other animated features by DC comics, this one was just as good as the other two.

All three movies have the ‘real’ cartoon look with many of the cartoon enhancements that Justice League Unlimited had in the ending of the series. The character animation was superb. Without realizing that I never posted a review on the Wonder Women animated film, going to do them both right now.

Wonder Women

Wonder Women

Wonder Women

The movie starts off with the fight of the Amazons, lead by Queen Hippolyta, versus Ares, the God of War. A quite violent fight is shown with Amazon warriors and Ares’s orcs and man being killed outright on screen. As the movie takes a turn for the worst as Hippolyta kills her own son that she had with Ares. Afterwords she overcoming Ares in the final seconds before being stopped by Zeus. Hera, Zeus’s husband, intervenes and places magic bracelets on Ares removing his powers.

After Hera allows Hippolyta to rebuild on a island of their own called Themyscira, Hippolyta still earning for a daughter of own, forgers Diana (Wonder Women) on the beach out of sand and is given life by the touch of Hippolyta.

… is this a review or a story? Go see this true origin movie of Diana, Princess of the Amazons! You will not be disappointed. :) (I went to write a review, but this is how good the movie really is!)

Rating: 9 out of 10!

Green Lantern: First Flight

Green Latern: First Flight

Green Latern: First Flight

Just like Women Women, this is an origin story of Hal Jordon getting the green ring and being one with the Green Lantern Corps. While I was hoping for more Hal Jordon action this movie really centers on Sinestro, the green lantern who betrayed the core to get the Yellow ring and element.

While the animation was pretty good, for us hardcore Green Lantern fans I felt disappointed that the movie didn’t develop into anything more than just Sinsetro’s betrayal.

I would have liked to see more villains and more story to the Green Lanterns in general. Overall this movie is very good.

Rating: 9 out of 10!

D.C. Studios keeps getting these out for all the different characters, they will be able to create an updated Justice League movie once all the primary artwork is done. Batman/Superman: Public Enemies is the next one coming out. I can’t wait!

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Dude, you’re a GL fan? I had no idea! I must say that, although I prefer the Sinestro story from Emerald dawn II (where he becomes a despot inadvertently in his pursuit of perfection), I thought this was quite cool. Even my friend Mr Malloprop enjoyed it after years of ignoring my attempts to get him to read comics, (he loves comic heroes, just doesn’t like to read comics).

I’ve not seen the WW one yet, but I’m looking forward to it. As for the Superman/Batman crossover I’m dribbling at the prospect!

Whilst I’m on the subject, there’s a quite cool fake GL movie trailer (for the forthcoming live action movie) on youtube which is better than the other fake GL trailers I’ve seen (except the one with Nathan Filion as Hal).

Huge GL fan. 😀 It wasn’t a bad story line to tell, but it was one I already knew.

The crossover movie is going to be good with Batman/Superman. I still watch World’s Finest the three part Superman Animated episode. That one is good as well. :)