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More Batman “3” Rumors

Posted by Shane

I’m no official site for the Nolon Batman film series, but I read over the past two days that either Megan Fox or Rachel Weisz would play Catwomen. This is a Batman rumor week!

Now this role matched up to Michelle Pfiffer is not going to be that large to fill. Pfiffer role in Batman Returns was pure filler in my option. One of the reasons why I dislike watching that film. (Batman and Batman Forever were the only good Tim Burton versions)

Lets compare the two!

Fox and Weisz: Posied to be Catwomen in Batman "3"

Fox and Weisz: Posied to be Catwomen in Batman "3"

Megan Fox


  • Been in huge blockbusters already. Can take the pressure. (Transformers and Transformers 2)
  • Sexy as hell.
  • Pure black hair.


  • I don’t think she can stand up to Nolon’s standards of a real serious actor. Nothing going to match up to Heath’s performance of the Joker, but I doubt she will be taken seriously.
  • While still known, she is still unknown and untested in movies that have meaning.
  • While her possible and small performance in Jonah Hex might be a better fit, to see her now as the only female under the age of 30 ever to hold a comic characters part as important as Catwomen is inherently bad since Catwomen is usually an older women.

Rachel Weisz


  • The Mummy
  • Can play the dramatic role and I can feel confident that she can play up to Nolon’s standards.
  • Also sexy as hell.
  • Perfect “age” in this Batman universe: 39.


  • Brown Hair
  • English – Another “fake” American accent used in the film.

Not that many cons for Rachel, but still some. For the record… I wouldn’t mind anyone of them to play the luscious Catwomen and to prowl me anytime.

While the Catwomen would be silly to play the main villain in the film, I like to see Riddler. In any case, I know this movie is on my list of films to watch at midnight, where ever it is shown in 2012!

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