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This past Sunday, the August 30th, 2009, I went to my first ever Battlestar related event and to top it off, I was one of the panel members when discussion took place. The event which lasted just over 4 hours at the *HiChristina* art gallery.

While the panel was one aspect of the event, it was not the only thing going on. Let’s recap the night activities in which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Arrival & Start

The Amrosia and Algae Snanks

The Amrosia and Algae Snanks

I myself arrived and found myself to be one of the first people there minus John Brooks, the host, John’s finance Courtney (Update 9/2/09), and Laura Lee. Snacks (Green Covered “Algae” Chocolate Pretzel Sticks and Cupcakes) and homemade Ambrosia was available to all guests for the event. I think the pretzel sticks where the best part of the entire feast.

In any case… my job when I can get there was to review the trivia questions that John had produced for the triva part of the gathering. Let me tell you this.. if you had no idea what the questions were ahead of time, you would have never guessed them. I made my suggestions and even created the tie-breaker question if it ever came to that… which it did not. John even asked me where I can find quotes from the series. Naturally I gave my answer: The Battlestar Wiki Quotes Project. People started trickling in around 6pm and we started the festivities off about 30 minutes later.

John and Laura were our co-hosts (Update 9/2/09) for the evening. Laura was the only person who dressed the part coming in officer casual wear. No strip Racetrack style though. :(

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Hey Shane, great blog recap of the night. It was a great time, you and the rest of the panel were very enlightening and engaging especially for a crowd that seemed very happy to get back into talking Battlestar Galactica. The withdrawal is very very difficult! I didn’t get a chance to thank the entire panel, so just wanted to thank you for the time you and Justin, John and Ajay gave to all of us. Looking forward to the Nerd nite in Manhattan. (although when looking that up I only saw a listing for NYC being in Brooklyn on Sept. 18th, since I can’t find any disambiguation for Manhattan nerd nite I hope you will keep us posted.)

Also, the girl that did the “Frak, what’s my Line” with John and Laura Lee was named Sabrina (I believe) I remember all the people who liked Unfinished Business!!

Bailey aka IrishEDP on twitter & the Battlestar Wiki forum.

PS for all the BSG lovers out there who missed this event, it was really a great, fun time and I hope you can make the next one. there can NEVER be too much Battlestar!

Thanks for coming out!

Unfinished Business was a really popular episode.

Be sure to introduce yourself in the Battlestar Forum! People are biting at the bit to keep talking about the show. :)