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As you might have noticed by now, the butterfly in my flash header moves all over the stage without a clear “defining” path, which was the case here when I gave you an update on the season code. That has been scraped for a much better code.

At this point the butterfly moves around the stage.  If you happened to be watching the header and the butterfly was going around and then it became what I define as “night” time, the butterfly has a property set to “true” to once that it leaves the “stage area” it removes it self from the movie. The same code that does this re-adds the butterfly if you were on the site and it happened to become “day time”  the butterfly would be created “off stage” and the start it’s pattern of flying again.

Another thing currently in the works is to set the times of actions including the sky and animation case switches based off your true civil twilight, sunrise, sun transit (where the sun is at it’s peak), sunset, and the end of civil twilight. All of this is based off the current date plus your latitude and longitude. This way it should be theoretically correct when you visit and should account for various stages of the earth’s position on it’s three axis.

I just started thinking on how I am going to do this, but I am going to finish my goal of having a true sunrise and sunset that I set out to do.

In other things that I have not told you all yet about the header and I will explain in very little detail here since it doesn’t really tie in with the post, but the project overall.

  • Gradient Tween: Removed the need for the XML file. I edited the actionscript file with consent from the original author to make it streamlined for my purposes. All the information is stored in array’s which is easier to change dynamically.
  • Date and Time: It’s own class. So when debugging the header I can have the same time across all the movies instead of having to change them all up. (This will include the new code for determine latitude, longitude, and your “exact” times for sunrise and sunset.)
  • Sky & Background Control: This class controls how the gradients are used  and what time block we are at. I didn’t want this in the Date and Time class since it would be extra information never needed for some movie clips.

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