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You can check out the full interview that I gave Lorelle here. I like to thank her for this wonderful opportunity. Below is a part of the interview:

As a key player in development, Shane has a rare insider’s view of how Woopra works and how WordPress and Woopra can work together better. Over the past year, he’s worked hard to bring the Woopra WordPress Plugin into compliance with future versions of as well as expand it’s capabilities and functions.

I recently talked with Shane about his involvement and why Woopra is important to him.

Shane has multiple degrees in politics and history with two years studying IT at RIT. He lives in New York and, like so many, has had a long, unsatisfying experience playing around with various stats packages. He is a “self-credited PhD in Geekology” and one of Woopra’s favorite geeks. And trust me, don’t get him near Flash. He’s obsessed with Flash design.

If you want to contact me, please use the contact form above to send me off an email. Enjoy!

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