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As I really don’t care. Woopra does. But my flash header now cares as well! As I mentioned in the last flash post, I was striving for real time time sync with your current locations sunrise and sunset.  I really being trying to do this since the first incarnation of the flash header. Now it is a reality!

The way I had it before was just matching it off the current hour. That was fine, but the problem is that depending on where you live, sunrise and sunset might be different times that it would to say a person three towns away. So lets take a look of examples.

Today (September, 14 2009) in New York, NY (this is not the same as Manorville, NY):

Dawn: 6:07
Sunrise: 6:35
Sunset: 19:08
Dusk: 19:35

In Manorville, NY (September, 14 2009):

Dawn: 6:03
Sunrise: 6:30
Sunset: 19:02
Dusk: 19:30

Wait! Why is it different? New York, NY and Manorville, NY sit at different parts of longitude and latitude. If they had the same times it wouldn’t take me long to get to the city.

New York, NY sits at -78.9N (Longitude) and 42.9W (Latitude). Manorville, NY sits at  -72.8N (Longitude) and 40.7W (Latitude). In global terms for sun rotation on the Z-axis of the Earth in relation to the sun is a huge distance. One of the reasons when I come back from the city it gets dark really quickly because the sun has already gone further down towards the horizon as time moves forward since time is still constant.

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