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Windows 7 Training

Posted by Shane
Windows 7 Banner

Windows 7 Banner

I am (at the time of this post) currently at a Microsoft sponsored event learning about Windows 7, the new Operating system that is scheduled to be released on October 22, 2009. The demonstration has been quite useful to learn directly from Microsoft the new features that Windows 7 has in store. The OS seems to have a solid foundation in it’s code. I been trying all day to BOSD the units that they are running the release candidates on and I have yet to do so and I don’t think I would without really manually editing the registry. I even able to use XP Virtual Machine with no problems. Good news for those people who want to upgrade and need XP! The machines only have 3GB of RAM and it’s running super quick!

Some of the new features that this OS has is:

  1. Pin Taskbar
  2. Better Live Preview of Tabs
  3. “Shake and Bake” minimizing of applications.
  4. “Less” Fluff
Goodies from the Windows 7 Training

Windows 7 Expert Material

The Aero graphics engine from Vista has been greatly improved. The applications that even come with Windows 7 are looking good and work just as good as some of the other professional applications that do the same task. Once I get my Windows 7 copy from my Intel Big Deal I did a few months back, I am going to be upgrading to the new OS. There will be no drivers issues as I am being told it’s the same architecture as Vista. Basically… if you have Vista running on your computer, your computer can run Windows 7 without any problems.

Here are some of the goodies I got from the event:

  • Windows 7 Backpack
  • Windows 7 Expert Lapel Pin
  • Official Certificate from Microsoft certifying my expertise now in Windows 7.

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