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I have a 16GB flash drive that stores of course the information I need to travel around with in-case I need them. I did my wash last night and after the dryer cycle I found that I could not close the door to the dryer. The reason was because my sandisk was blocking the hinge to the door.

I was like.. Electronics with Water/Heat/Washing Detergent equals Dead. You think so. So I immediately plugged it up to any computer that I could find. And I was like.. please work. Windows was ‘Installing the Drivers’ and when it was down I was able to search and open the files just as I was before. Amazing!

These things are hardcore. I would always try to avoid this type of situation, but just to know that it has a pretty high survivability in a very intense wash cycle. I am guessing that it falling in water or getting wet is nothing now.

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