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Since I got this game on the 15th of this month, I been playing it like crazy. The game as a very good story line and the graphics are incredibility good. I just beat it about 20 minutes ago and I can tell you that some things are very hard.

I had trouble in these spots:

  1. Heading to Poison Ivy – While I wasn’t quite ready for the huge battle with her, I could not get past a huge thug that was blocking my path. I think I played that part at least 10 times before beating it.
  2. Poison Ivy – She was hard. I had to do it in stages. After beaten her in the “first round” it got even harder the “second round”. It took me quite a few times.
  3. Pre-Joker Thugs – Just like pre-Poison Ivy, two thugs now guarded Joker, and bringing them down along with other thugs in the room I barley did. I had 2% health when I finally knocked out the last one.

Solving the Rider’s Riddles were also tough, but after getting all the weapons and secret maps that explain where everything is in the game, I was able to track all 240 items down. Once that happened it was fun listening to the Riddler (who you never come in contact with) get taken down by the police.

The movies inside this game are fantastic as well. Including the ending movie after you finalized the Joker. This game for surely setups a squeal with more villains possibility in Gotham itself and might be an insight on how the designs for the new Batmobile are going to be in Batman 3. Could also be foreshadowing how villains will be acting in Batman 3.

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