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The postseason is here… at least for me. The New York Yankees completed the three game sweep of Boston RedSox’s to secure the AL East Crown, even though they had already clinched at least a playoff spot a series before hand when playing the Los Angeles Angles in Anaheim, CA because of Texas’s lost to Oakland.

Lets just say that the AL Central race was also crazy. Who would ever predicated that it go to 163 games and the winner of Detriot vs. Twins would come down to one game. Hats off to the Twins! 12 innings. Walk off fashion! Instant Classic!

So what’s in store and how do I think it’s going to play out? Find out!

My 2009 Baseball Predictions

My 2009 Baseball Predictions

I think the most obvious you see here is that I pick the Yankees to win it all, and that’s because I am a true Yankee fan. This team has the same spirit as the 1996 World Series Team.


  • STL vs. LAD – LAD in 5 Games – I think the game between the LAD and STL will happen the full 5 games of the series. Both teams are very good and are equal in pretty much all aspects of the game, but I think LAD has a slight edge at home field which gives them the win.
  • COL vs. PHI – PHI in 4 Games – While the Rockies the the underdog again in this postseason (who knew that even make it to the World Series vs. BOS) I don’t think they can defeat the PHI in a 3 game sweep, but I do think they will be able to stick around because of the small ball they play.


  • PHI vs. LAD – LAD in 6 Games – With the cross-crossing the country to play games 1 and 2 first in LAD and then heading to PHI for games 3, 4, and 5 – each team will feel the fatigue. LAD still have the advantage when they win game 5 and fly back to LAD for game 6 in which they will win the series and head to the World Series.


  • BOS vs. LAA – BOS inĀ 5 Games – While LAA has been dominate over the entire season, BOS has LAA number when it comes to playing the game. BOS will be able to adapt really quickly to LAA defence style if they lose the first game out in LAA. LAA has not been able to win important games at BOS. The Green Monster seems to have their number. (Yes. I am putting on my BOS cap for these games.)
  • MIN vs. NYY – NYY in 4 Games – While I see NYY being able to beat MIN, NYY pitcher A.J. Burnett is a Wild Card when it comes to becoming consistant. While MIN does have Joe Mouer, I don’t think the pitchers for MIN can beat the A-List rotation. MIN also had to travel to NYY after a very long battle.


  • BOS vs. NYY – NYY in 6 Games – Yes. Another rivalry match between BOS and NYY. NYY was pure dominated at the end of the season and was able to keep BOS at bay turning the tables playing small ball and stealing on the old age and slow defence of BOS.

World Series

I can not wait for the LAD vs. NYY games. NYY will win the game, but having Joe Torre come back to Yankee Stadium to face his former team and players he managed will be quite interesting. This match up has been predicted for months. I still think NYY has the advantage over LAD pitching staff, but of course LAD has no DH once they play in LAD which puts the NYY in trouble.

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