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TTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN THE PENNANT! That’s right sports fan. The Yankees are off to the World Series to face the Philadelphia Phillies. What a game 6.

After the Angles hand the Yankees walking papers in game 3 and 5 in LA, I thought for sure LA got the best of us but our starting pitching got us through the entire season.

So lets recap my predictions (fail).


  • COL vs. PHI – I thought PHI would win in 4; PHI did win in 4. :check:
  • STL vs. LAD – LAD I thoguht would win in 5; LAD sweep. :fail:


  • PHI vs. LAD – I thought LAD would win in 6; PHI won in 5. :fail:


  • BOS vs. LAA – I thought BOS would win in 5; LAA sweep. Double :fail:
  • MIN vs. NYY – I thought NYY would win in 4; NYY sweep. :fail:


  • BOS vs. NYY – First of all, I thought it was going to be LAA and not BOS. NYY no matter what would win in 6; We did over LAA. :fail: and :check:

World Series

  • LAD vs. NYY
    • LAD is out. PHI is in. :fail:
    • NYY wins.. :tbd:

So not bad, but still some wrong things. Baseball is like that. Really unpredictable. Great baseball all around. Oh yeah. TBS should not broadcast sports. Fox should get rid of McCarver. CBS Stearling full of win! 😀

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