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WordCamp NYC 2009: Day One

Posted by Shane

Today (or tonight since I am posting this at night) was the first/end of Day One of WordCamp NYC 2009. This was also my first ever WordCamp. I was really physic. I left my friend’s place on Roosevelt Island around 6:45am hitching the “F” line to 23rd and 6th Avenue.

Once I got off I was really confused on where I was because I was not used to being in that location. With the sun not out as well… it was really hard to determine the points of the compass. After finding someone else who was also looking for Baruch College on 23rd and Lex. After we got another set of directions, we were on our way. A few minutes later I arrived at the registration area for WordCamp NYC 2009!

As I was awaiting the registration room to be open, I hung out with Campers who been gathering. about 15 minutes later the registration room doors opened and we piled in and going our name badges and our WordCamp bags with T-shirts. Bags and the T-shirt were perfect and great. After awaiting a few minutes for Mr. Jonathan Dingman (aka Dingman) and wanting a seat in the first AM session and Dingman not showing up I went up staris to secure two seats. Dingman showed up a while after we tried to meet up in the lobby. :) I skipped the Opening Remarks and went right to my first session in the Advanced Development track: Elastic by Daryl Koopersmith.

After that, myself and Dingman went down to see the start of Mark Jaquith’s presentation on “Feeding Family” session where we also met up with Matt Martz (aka Sivel) and a few other people who’s name escape me at the moment headed to Sivel’s session where he was given a lecture on Intermediate Plugin Development. (He had some problems with is own script during the giveaway.) After that I went on my own and headed off with a fellow developer (who again escapes my mind) and talked about media integration on the way the Genius Bar. On the way, I bumped into Jeffro Chandler of WPTavern. We talked for a little bit before he went his way and I went to the Genius Bar to do some networking.

Lunch time!

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