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It’s a sad day, but also a day to rejoice! WordCamp NYC 2009 is officially over and I just wanted it to continue all week. But if that was the case, registration would be like $500. Two days was good enough.

The second day was pretty much in Mason Hall (for me at least). There was unconference sessions going on where we were in the main classroom complex yesterday. For those who want a listing can go here.

The first things that went on today was the plugin completion where people had to submit themes/plugins before WordCamp NYC 2009 and there would be a winner from each group. Well… there was only two themes, but they were both unique and good they both won. Congrats to them!

The plugins in the finals were:

  1. WP Manage Plugins
  2. Badge Grab
  3. Spur conversations

Check out the page for a description of each, but the winner in the end was the ‘Spur Conversation’ plugin. Minus the security flaw Mark Jaquith found it the plugin it was a great idea for spurring conversations from topics. Next there was 3 rounds of lighting fast presentations of most sessions that were covered in Saturday’s sessions.

Mark, one of the lead developers on WordPress, covered the new things in WordPress 2.9 (which if you do not know… it’s “BETA 1” now.). One of the most “clapped” about new features was oEmbed by ViperBond007. As soon as that happened, I think at least 30+ tweets went out. I know I did. :)

Matt Mullenweg finished up with a Q and A session with everyone. It went really well and a lot of questions he covered were a lot related the the future of WordPress and then also the major topics of this WordCamp: Themes, GPL, and Open Source.

At the end, myself and the other 9 other core contributors to the main core of the code (Including Jane and Matt) posed for a picture. I think it’s the single biggest non-automattic meeting of WordPress devs. It was awesomeness.

After leaving back for home, my car battery had died! I called AAA and also found out why my “desktop” was offline for most of the weekend:

Windows 7 Fail

Windows 7 Fail

That’s it! Be sure to follow me here on the blog and twitter! I have to thank Jane and Steve for there great work. The event went smooth and no real problems ever emerged. Minus us devs totally ditching the hackers room.

P.S. WordCamp NYC 2009 has made me want to get a Mac Book Pro 15″.

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