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Site a bit messed up…

Posted by Shane

As the topic says… the CSS and XHTML is all fail right now. I am working on getting all the CSS and XHMTL working within the next day or so. This all stems from me wanting to move the CSS to CSS3 for easier rounded borders.

3am Update: I got a lot of the new markup done. A few problem remain, but I will leave them for tomorrow when I am more awake.

4am Update: Ok. Officially going to bed. I just imported all my posts in my dev blog to see how things are going. I see what needs to be done and I am going to do it tomorrow! Peace! :)

10am Update: I updated the site with the new theme files. Everything is wacked, but I needed more content to test with that I did not have locally.

3pm Update: Almost all files are done. Doing the page css now. Next post I should say “DONE!” :)

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Aye. Right now as you can see my navigation is not showing, “whole” blog is cutting the top bar off a little, and the footer is not showing up at all. It’s there.. just not position correctly.

No plans to go back. IE users will be forced into a “square” mode which is fine for them. :)

Thanks for the complements!