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So everyone has a wish list. I don’t care who you are… there is always a wish list. I do have one for this holiday season. It contains one item.

Samsung P2770HD Monitor

Samsung P2770HD Monitor

My primary 24″ inch Samsung monitor has been out of commission for quite a while since the white/grey color frequency has been destroyed on the VGA side — not the Coax or Component inputs. This monitor I originally got back in 2003 and only died just this past year in April when I originally thought it was my graphics card. So this year on my wish list is a new monitor – dueling monitors would be nice.

I been using a duel 19″ setup for a while and it is nice to spread all my information around, but it’s very hard to compare when they can’t be your TV also. Since my 24″ monitor still works as my TV I am using the 19″ monitors on either side of the 24″. My desk is very crowded and the duel monitor setup is very inefficient at the moment. Before with my 24″ I was able to do all my work without any problems. I would probably keep one of the 19″ monitors active so I could watch a movie full screen while doing work.

The model I want is a Samsung P2770HD. It has all the features my previous Sumsung 241mp monitor, but it also includes an HDTV tuner, HDMI, and DVI inputs. This monitor also has picture and picture capabilities that I like. It allows you to use your computer while also watching another video input without having to go through the computer.

Right not it’s not available in the US, but around the world it’s only rated just under $500. That means the price of materials is finally down enough where it doesn’t cost $5,000. Hopefully it’s out for this holiday season since not yet available in the United States.

That’s it!

Update on the hunt: I called Samsung Electronics directly. I got in touch with their sales team and they were able to direct me to a local business that sold the monitor. Jeco Electronics is about 30 minutes from my location. I am still getting details from them on when they are going to have any in stock, but I should have that information within a day. Now it’s just a matter of time before I purchase the monitor.

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