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Avatar IMAX 3D

Posted by Shane

Tagline: The hype was correct.

So I took myself out for an early holiday present. I went to go see Avatar before the holiday season. I had the night off, for once, and I just had to take the chance to see the movie before the New Year. I will be seeing this movie again to take in more of the subtle digital effects. This movie can be summed up to this:

Avatar ranks (IMDb) right up there; maybe better than The Dark Knight.

HiJinks Ensue: Triumph of the Usurper

HiJinks Ensue: Triumph of the Usurper

This comic by Joel Watson of HiJinks Ensuse (You can read his posts here.) sums up not on George Lucas feelings towards the movie, but any director that used to much green screen for an extended periods of time as gotta feel the same way. For example: Steven Spielberg for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Just plain awe full use of CGI, if you call it CGI.

This movie is in the top 5 movies I seen this year that I enjoyed. (And you should be looking out for that post sometimes after this 1st of the year). Till next time…

Rating: Infinity out of Infinity

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