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WordPress 2.9 RC

Posted by Shane

WordPress 2.9 RC1 is out and ready for use and abuse! Please update all live sites using WordPress to this version so we can now get a huge sampling on any other errors before we mark it ‘GOLD’!. Be sure to submit tickets to the trac site so we know about them.

The faster we can get reports back, the faster we can give you an early present for the holidays and for the New Year!

Translators: You have two weeks to get your translations into the system before Gold. Thanks!

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

Sara Palin: Going Rogue

  • Sarah Palin: Going Rogue
  • Samsung P2770HD Monitor

Yes. Another book from the GOP side. The last book I got was Scott Mckellen tell-all book about the Bush Administration. That book I thoroughly enjoyed and this one I will enjoy just as much! I know it’s very weird for me a Democrat that I am, reading a book by a GOP, however it find these more fascinating than any of the Democrats books.

Also getting that monitor this time around. I did find a local place that carries it, however, they usually do huge orders so I might have to recall Samsung sales to see if anyone else has it.


Arkham Asylum Sequel

Posted by Shane

It never ceases to amaze me when I am right. When I think the movie/game is extremely good there is a good change of a squeal even before it’s announced.

It looks like this time we are moving outside the Arkham and onto the streets of Gotham. If we remember the last bits of Arkham Asylum we get reports that Harvey “Two Face” Dent is on the loose.

No one in the game really dies so all the trailers that you might see relating to this sequel can be the truth. How many times did the Joker or the other villains escape Arkham in the TV series? Plenty.

List of villains that I think that will show up:

  1. Black Mask
  2. Harvey “Two Face” Dent
  3. Joker
  4. Harley
  5. Mad Hatter
  6. Catwomen
  7. Ridder (This time for real.)

We could see Robin, Oracle, Nightwing, and/or Alfred as well. We still might have cameo’s from other villains and this is what makes Batman games so great. :)

Source: Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel to Exit Arkham – PC World.


I wished I used widgets. Why havn’t it? Because the coding around them is mostly hardcoded. Lets take a common scenario that I see all the time and from other people:

User A downloads Plugin A. Plugin A has a widget which has hardcoded data output. User A has a custom theme (or a downloaded theme.) and Plugin A does not conform to the theme’s design making User A scramble for help. They check the forums for help in getting Widget of Plugin A changed. User A gets no help. Uninstalls the Plugin A and then is one less user that Author has their plugin installed.

Now my way of what might be coming to a WordPress enabled site soon (3.x.x would be the earliest):

User A downloads Plugin A. Plugin A has a widget. User A has a custom theme (or a downloaded theme) and that theme has a class that extends Walker_Widget called My_Walker_Widget. User A enables that Widget and it looks nice and pretty with their theme. They smile. :)

When the theme author updates their theme, all User’s A widgets will look like they belong there.

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Another successful event about all things Battlestar with the wonderful panel that I was part of again. This being our second time doing this panel we had much more fun this time around since the entire evening was talking about the show. We were not rushed doing other events and we still had time for Battlestar Galactica Trivia in between the major question directions.
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Battlestar NYC Panel

Today is the day that the Battlestar Wiki hosts the second Battlestar Galactica NYC Panel. If you are planning on attending be sure to arrive an hour early for a meet and greet session before hand. The admission price is $10 however there is trivia with prizes to be won!

Official Facebook Event Page is here. If you don’t have facebook and can not confirm that you are showing up, no worries. Just show up at the art space:

Galapagos Art Space in NYC
16 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY

Hope to see you there!

This subject is not very well documented anywhere in the WordPress Codex or online. I only found one site that talked about a custom walker class.

What is a Walker Class?

A walker class allows you to manipulate how data is displaied on your blog without having to modify the core files. What ever methods you do not override use the default method in the Walker class that you Extend.

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