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I do a lot of programming. My queue for that matter that I run for “tasks” to do has been backed up because of this vBulletin (vB) design system.

It’s not because of the code or operation, but the way that it is designed. In WordPress we strive to have a great UI and UX team to be able to see the pitfalls of usability before we release WordPress to the masses. vBulletin is not free, so you/I expect a few things including this kind of testing.

Some of the aggravations I been having:

  1. Information/Settings is all over the place.
  2. Documentation/Help System – No where near complete. Some of the StyleVars have do description of what they change.
  3. No “Live” Preview.
  4. Not everything is in the StyleVar system to beginĀ  with.

After “7 days” of working on a new design (It has taken me more time in reality, but this time does not include all the interruptions I had, or travel or work, etc.) I have final come to the conclusion that after finishing my new vBulletin theme that the AdminCP which has been the same since vBulletin 3.x does not work for vBulletin 4.x.

One of my friends that is part of the vBulletin community has always asked if I was going to take on the task of redoing the AdminCP area, and I am seriously thinking about it now since vBulletin 4.x AdminCP system sucks. I would do this after I empty my queue.

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I tend to agree. I’ve been using Vbulletin for some time now and just as a user, I have to say the backend needs alot of User Interface work. Settings are hard to find with bad terminology mixed in. Also, the way some things work in the back end makes no sense. Doing things in bulk is non existant in most places, etc. I hope one day, they just completely we do the admin CP from the ground up because just about anything is better than what there is now.