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Woopra SOAP API Connections

Posted by Shane

Questions are already starting to surface on the Woopra forums on how to use the new SOAP interface. There really isn’t a lot of documentation on how to do this on the Woopra site itself, but I am going to give you a quick lesson right now on how to use the Woopra API with your programing project.

I can say that the documentation on the Woopra site is wrong, but in the process of being updated. The SOAP keys are incorrectly listed. We are going to be using the ‘Global’ query in this example.

Useful URLS:

  1. – Overall Method Listing
  2. – Current Methods with the fields needed to query them and in which order.
  3. — Run a sample query.

The keys that are valid are:

  • website
  • apiKey
  • type*
  • dateFormat
  • startDay
  • endDay
  • limit
  • offset
  • filters

* Only used if using the ‘getReferrers’ method

The array must be sent in the order listed above and be excat in the formatting and spelling — otherwise it will not work correctly and you will be a sad panda.

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